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The Best Rice You've Never Tasted.

Organic, hand picked, sourced directly from farmers.
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Paddi is grown to delight

  • Rare & Unique Flavours

    Seasonal small batch harvests. Enjoy the flavours unique to each region.
  • Super Healthy

    Contains rich natural nutrients, our farming methods ensure that it stays in the grain.
  • Organically Produced

    Grains are farmed traditionally, no grains were harmed in the making of this meal.
  • 100% Traceable

    Know exactly where your artisanal rice is coming from. Truly a farm-to-table affair.
Didn't know there were so many types of rice!
Has a nice fragrance
Yummy rice and better for the planet - what more could you ask for?
Never knew healthy rice could taste good too!
Healthy rice for every meal!
Now the home staple

Try all the varieties

Fancy trying them all? We bet you do.
And with our sample pack, you can.
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Join the rice revolution.

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